Fitness & Finance

I have become rusty on many things for the past year when going through my entrepreneurship journey. One of the biggest of them is Fitness & Personal finances.

A fit, shirtless man standing in a gym at Centro comercial Centro Mayor


In 2016 - I was frantic about health and fitness where upon I would go to 'r/fitness' to learn more about muscle groups, routines and different supplements. My goal for 2017 year was to reach 180 pounds (roughly 81 kilos). Then cut down that back to 145 pounds (61 kilos). That plan didn't go so well 😒

My new plan is to join Grit, a fitness gym that would get me on track. I will aim to do at least 3 sessions every week. By the end of the April 1st week - I'd have completed 1 week of going through this practice.

I also want to complete my Seven Minute Workout everyday to keep up as well.

Personal Finance

I have been an advocate of personal finance to many of my friends. But unfortunately all of that went down the drain on 2017. I got myself into lot of debt as well as had to bust one of the fixed deposits I had to surive while keeping the company alive. But all in all - I ended up this year with about 1M in personal debt. Since the company finances are sorted now - I started to take a salary out after 12 months 😅

I want to get my debt on the credit cards under control and build couple of more fixed deposits. I mainly used fixed deposits as a safety switch for emergency situations.

The goal for the end of the week on this is to get my personal finance excel sheet in order and have methods to track my spending.