Personal Growth

I have been thinking of an idea of how to personally grow myself. I have an ideal version of myself that’s far out there in the future. This ideal version of myself haunts me most of the time when I don’t behave or act towards that person from the current self. I have noticed this many times in the past year. I want to understand much deeply about myself and how I can become the ideal version of myself. It’s easier said than done though. For the past two weeks I have been trying to understand how I can actually do this.

A bright neon on a brick wall in a store

Each an every time I try to do this, I get bogged down by some commitment or the other that takes over everything in my life. But today I decided that I need to fix this problem.

Diving deep into the problem I realized that the biggest hurdle here is that the gap between ideal version of yourself and the current version of yourself is very large. This gap causes a huge mental frustration. So what can I do about it?

Enter weekly plans. I want to think of the ideal version of the person I’ll be end of the current week. This provides me an easier way to grow.

Action Plan

I am going to go public with my plans. I think this is the best way to commit towards the mission. I am going to maintain a Trello board (which will be public) that documents what I will be trying to achieve end of every week. At the end of the week on Sunday I’ll write a detailed blog post on what my progress was and where I failed.

Without further do, let’s get to it - Dulitha on Growth Trello board.

Please checkout the April 1st Week Blog regarding the plan.