Pacing in a Startup 🏃🏻

One of the things you’d realize about starting a startup or joining a startup as an employee is getting used to pace. Pace is the speed of how life moves on. Life moves extremely fast when you are working in a startup. There’s always features to ship, customers to meet, investors to greet and shit ton of books and blogs to read. Success of working in a startup is being able to manage the pacing.

Speed and Direction

Majority of wisdom you find from everyone is about moving in the right direction. Emphasis on speed is very low. I am on the opposite corner. I am an avid believer of extreme speed. Speed allows you to fail fast. Speed allows you to make quick corrections. When deciding any of the micro level decisions — always move fast. Retrofit and Get Shit Done.

Managing Time

If you ask me how I manage my time when working on a high growth tech startup, I’d say by being more mindful. I have built few set of tools to capture when ever that I am not being mindful.

  • Journal — I journal everyday on the important things that has happened the past day. I do this in the context of how do I improve more than yesterday
  • Meditation — I do a 15 minute meditation everyday to stop my mind and keep the mind still. This sounds easy in theory but when juggling between various responsibilities you question whether meditation is useful or not. Only when you skip couple of days you realize that you have fallen into a trap of pacing.
  • Checkin — We use Basecamp to manage our workflows at Alakazam. Basecamp has this neat feature to do daily checkins which can be used to capture a lot of work we do. When I notice that I don’t have anything worthwhile to write on a daily checkin, I know that I haven’t embedded on deep work.
    Anyone else over here trying to cope up with extreme speed and juggling multiple things? What tools and mental models do you use?