July Reflections

Yesterday was my 24th Birthday (July 1st) and I have always found my birthday to be a day of reflection. I like to take a day off and just relax into what ever that pops up during the day. In my reflections - I usually refer to my Day One Journal to understand what I must have gone through couple of years back.

2017 July

This July was a big one for me. This was the first July that I was technically unemployed. I started the startup journey this year and things were very rocky. I had couple of troubles with employees as well as problems on product market fit.

2016 July

I haven't written down anything meaningful this time. This was probably cause I was in a rut where I wanted to sail into the startup world but haven't quite decided the ocean nor the boat for. Rule of thumb that I'd like to follow now is - if you don't have anything to write on your Journals, you ain't living the life you want to.

2015 July

I was in Sydney this time. I didn't jot down the record on my journal on the exact date but I have couple of notes around June end and July beginning. I felt pretty good this July specially happy to explore a new continent and I sure had a lot of fun adventures in Oz.

2014 July

This was about the time that I purchased my car. I felt darn proud to buy this and drive the car to work. Well, not bad for a 20 year old. Apart from that I have noted down an encounter with the cops that I had that day where my number plate was concerned.

I wish I had digital records of my journal entries well before 2014, but unfortunately I was using pen and paper for my journals. Walking down this memory lane reminds me of a quote - "This, too, shall pass,"