Healthy Balance of Work and Exercise

Work is an important aspect of life. We spent most of our time working that we sometimes don't even get to spend of the rest of the time in rest and relaxation. Well - if you are a person whose looking to find optimal working habits and improve the output of your work, Exercise is your friend.

But here's the problem, when people get busy they forget exercise. They make exercise optional. When you look at your calendar and see deadlines, going out for a run or doing some stretching exercises becomes a burden more than a way to unwind.

I am not writing this post to preach about how I exercise consistently or how exercise can help. I personally suffer from the same problems as the next workaholic. But lately - I have figured out some tricks that can help to integrate exercise to your lives.

7 minutes

If you are a programmer, or a desk worker, one of the things you'd notice most is the Repetitive Stress Injuries you end up suffering due to prolong seating and maintaining the same stiff posture. I had a severe case of this for several months and I decided to spend 7 minutes everyday to counter this. There is an app called 7 Minutes workout (it's available on iOS and Android), it does a pretty good job of giving a workout that's a combination of sweat and stretch. I usually do this in the morning to avoid procrastination and takes roughly about 15 minutes for the whole activity (7 minutes for exercise and couple of more minutes to relax and wind down).

Running & Walking

When you go to work, carry another bag with few workout cloths. Aim to do running and walking everyday, block time out of your calendar for this. You'd mostly end up skipping this due to various commitments but always put the effort to squeeze it in. The trick I use is that - which ever day that I have skipped 7 minute workout in the morning, I definitely go for a run or a walk. I will not skip both of the exercises in the same day.


Cliche as this sound, if you can at least practice one Yoga session at least once a week, you'd feel the difference of what I am talking about. It has nothing to do with the spiritual side at all but to do with balance and stretching. Also Yoga focuses on to give focus time to feel your body. This has a very calming effect.